Day and night cream

Skinon Day and Night Cream (50ml)
Is an exceptional performing product.


Thanks to the highly concentration of active ingredients, SkinOn Day and Night cream is an exceptional performing product. Skinon face cream ensures your skin, deep rejuvenation and firming ; it attenuates, until eliminating, even the deeper wrinkles, it also firms up your oval face contours.

Skinon Day and Night Face Cream ingredients:

  • All ingredients are suspended in an aloe vera gel base dispersion.
    They distinctively accelerate and stimulate the cells regeneration process.
    They effectively fight aging, even on the most mature skins.
  • The presence of aloe vera limits skin stress and reduces oxidation.
  • Shea butter promotes the production of collagen and elastin.

Enriched with snail slime , the product is an absolute must.

Snail slime is a miraculous concentrate of active substances for the skin . It is composed by:

  1. Allantoin: it stimulates tissue regeneration and epidermal replacement.
  2. Elastin: it guarantees skin elasticity.
  3. Collagen: excellent moisturizer that keeps the skin turgid.
  4. Glycolic acid: it exfoliates the skin and makes it brighter.
  5. Vitamins and amino acids; to oxygenate and vascularize the skin for an efficient antioxidant and healing activity.
  • The presence of several cosmetic oils within the product, such as the par excellence anti-wrinkle the rose mosqueta oil, the tissue firming avocado oil and the soya oil, they stimulate the production of natural collagen and enable these active ingredients to penetrate deep onto the skin.
  • The CELLACTIVE®-FORM guarantees a progressive wrinkles ‘ filling and the face contours reshaping.

First clear and evident results in few weeks. your skin looks visibly rejuvenated, firmer to the touch , toned, compact and extremely brighter.

Your face contours are noticeably refined.